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Published on February 11th, 2013 | by matt


Why choose a graduate scheme

When you’re at college or university, you’re always getting told to make sure to do a little extra in order to get yourself noticed in the long-term, and they would be right. For many employers these days, they believe it to be very important not just to have the correct qualifications, but to also have shown proof of working in the industry.

Luckily, the same employers will usually offer placements or graduate schemes to those who have just graduated with a relevant degree or other qualification. This does not completely guarantee a job for the future, but more of a training program to ensure that you have been taught by people in the industry whilst working in the industry.

This differs from the likes of an internship mainly due to the fact that you will get paid (and paid well), as well as the fact that a graduate scheme is full-time.

Benefits of a graduate scheme

Getting your degree might only be enough to get your foot through the door with some employees, and they might be after a bit more from you to see if you’ve really got what it takes.

Practical work experience can really open your eyes to an industry and there are numerous types of companies that allow you to join their ranks as a trainee via a graduate scheme. Whether you’re looking to get into social housing jobs, administration jobs or architecture jobs, you’re likely to find a scheme for you. Taking a look at jobs with might just be the place to get started.

The versatility of graduate schemes allows you to take on numerous tasks that will have you become just as flexible and adaptable.

If your progress is brisk and your knowledge of the industry and the job develops on an encouraging level, you might just see your graduate scheme turn into a full-time job and your career can well and truly begin. As previously mentioned, a job isn’t guaranteed, but apply yourself and you may be one of the fortunate ones.

Even if you fail to get employment with the company you’re training with, having such experience on your C.V will certainly catch the eye of other potential employers when looking for similar jobs.

Applying for graduate schemes

During your final year at university, it is imperative that you at least start looking at graduate schemes if you hope to enter one after your studies, as competition is incredibly high for these sort of things and it can even be suggested that you apply as soon as humanly possible.

For help picking which ones to take a closer look at, keep an eye out for the numerous graduate fairs that appear at each university during the year.

About the author: Sam writes for Fusion People who offer recruitment in social housing jobs, architecture and administration.

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