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Published on July 28th, 2012 | by matt


Top Tips For Work From Home Moms

Being a new mum is hard these days, do you go back to work and start bringing some money in or do you spend these precious first few years with your child? If you do go back to work do you have a job to go back to or do you need to start your job hunt from scratch? It’s not hard to see why so many new moms are choosing to start their own home business.

There are two challenges that can make this very difficult:
Attention: your attention needs to be exclusively on your baby, unless you’re a true pro you can’t be feeding baby with one hand and balancing spread sheets with the other. There needs to be a clear divide between time you can work on your business and this will mainly be when baby is asleep and time when everything needs to evolve around them.
Time: having a new born baby can be very time consuming, by the time you actually have got them fed, changed and off to sleep the last thing you’re going to want to do is work on your client list. At the same time starting a new business is equally time consuming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new mom, it doesn’t look professional if you miss a deadline because the little one wouldn’t go down for his nap.

The Basic Rules

There are some rules that are always advised for people starting their own home business that are not only impractical for new moms but also just plain dangerous:
• Having set hours: although it’s advised to have a time of day when you can just switch off when starting a new business, the chances are you won’t be able to work for too long without taking a break.
• Quiet office: You cannot have a quiet room where you can shut the door, baby monitor or not you need to be connected to the rest of the house especially if you’ve got toddlers around too.
Obviously these rules need to go straight out the window

So What Do You Need To Do?

Get organised: being a mom is a full time job especially when they’re young and it’s not a job famed for its sleep availability and you’re about to start your own business which is another full time job. You need to make sure you’re incredibly organised, you need to know when the utilities bill is due, when junior has their doctors check-ups, when the other half has a dentist appointment and when you’ve got a delivery due all off the top of your head. You need to have an impeccable filing system with the house and home separated from the business and separated from the baby.

Get healthy: one of the most common complaints from new parents is the lack of sleep and you’re not going to be able to nap when they do, you’re going to have to work when they’re sleeping so you need to make sure your health is in the best condition possible. Eat healthily, get to bed at a sensible time and pay attention if your body is trying to tell you something.

Work when they’re napping: As soon as they’re down for a nap get to work, put the kettle on if you need to but this isn’t your time to put your feet up. Once your baby settles into a routine you will too. If you have other children around the house they need to learn that it’s quiet time when baby is sleeping not just because you don’t want him woken but also because it’s time for mom to work too.
Occupy them: you can’t work in an office with a child banging their toys around or if they’re screaming their heads off but you can work if they’re playing quietly. If they’re happy to sit in their play pen with some quiet toys and amuse themselves for a few hours then it’s added onto the nap time and gives you more chance to get on with your work.

Keep the office child friendly: this one is a given but if you are going to have children in your office it needs to be childproof. This means any wires that young hands can grab need to be tucked away and any important documents need to be filed away less they’re mistaken for colouring paper. If you’ve got older children in the house they need to understand this is your room and they’re not to play in there. If they’re younger children and they need to be in there to be kept an eye on make sure you’ve got some toy phones and computers so they don’t feel like they’re missing out.

Ask for help: the point of working from home is that you can be there for your children but there are going to be times when it’s just not practical. If you’ve got a client meeting you have to go to or an important phone call you can’t have a child crying in the background. You can’t predict when your child is going to cry so arrange for any client/supplier exchanges to be grouped as closely together as possible and arrange for a babysitter for an hour or two.

Use technology: the whole point of working from home is that you’re working from home but you might not always be able to get to your computer (even if you have a lap top). Take advantage of as many tools as possible. Using cloud computing means everything is stored online and all you need is an internet connection. Services like Google Doc/Drive are free and allow you to access all your documents from anywhere. Set up alters for things like search engines and social media so you know when anything of importance has been said and invest in a smart phone if you don’t already have one. Now you can effectively carry your business around in your hand bag.

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  1. Vanessa Lee says:

    It can really be hard to separate home and work when both things happen in the same place. I find that you have to have a separate space in your home for work, either an office or a work room where you can keep things organized and get away from the chaos in the rest of the house. And it’s nearly impossible to do all that without my smartphone and productivity apps that help keep me on schedule.

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