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Published on February 23rd, 2013 | by matt


Justins House – Visiting the Studio

We had some great news last week, it turns out that Theo’s school had entered a ballot for the kids to visit the studio and be a part of the live studio audience for Justins House. Their names must have been pulled out of a hat, so last Thursday Theo and all of this school friends got to go to the studio in Salford and sit in for the filming of 2 episodes!

Theo loves Justins House, so it was a great opportunity for him. He had to learn all of the songs before hand in school, then the school took him off for an afternoon of filming. He got to meet Justin, Robert the Robot, and little monster too! The school tells us the episodes will be shown in the new year, so I can’t wait to watch them and see if you can see Theo enjoying himself.

Unfortunately they only needed a few parent volunteers, and I didn’t bother applying as I work fulltime and recently hired a couple of new people on my team. I could hardly leave them to attend Justins House! It was funny dropping him of at school and seeing all of his female teachers dolled up to the max, ready for their 5 minutes of fame on cbeebies :)

I thought I’d end this post with some priceless comments from a BBC page I found last year where parents are squabbling over ways to gets their kids tickets. Maybe it’s my dry sense of humour, but I found some of these comments hilarious. They cover guilt, humour, & sob stories.

  • The Bharat wrote: How am I going to break the news to my daughter that daddy won’t be able to take her to Justin’s House. We live in Portsmouth.
  • dfens wrote: In reply to all the southern based posters on here – It’s about time that things like this were based in the north.
  • cbd0809 wrote: We have children who would most definitely love to go to Justin’s house… whilst it’s not too far to travel, we are most definitely outside the 20 mile radius. In the theme tune Justin sings that “everyone is welcome here in Justin’s house”, perhaps “everyone is welcome here in Justin’s house, if you live within 20 miles of Salford” just didn’t fit into the tune??!!
  • stacey wrote:my daughter is nearly 7 yrs old and has learning difficulties and mobility problems and attends a special needs school she has come a long way in the last yr but any way she absolutley loves something special and gigglebiz and she really loves justins house and it would make her day if she would be able to be in the audience please make my d happy and say that she can many thanks
  • N.B. Unfortunately the thread was closed at the beginning of October 2012, and all the best comments removed. Wish I’d have copied them at the time, it looks like all the posts related to bribery have been taken down, one guy was offering to give £400 to charity if his little girl could get tickets!

February 2013 Update: Both shows have now aired, and Theo got loads of screen time! Here’s the links to the 2 episodes he appeared in:


This is my favourite shot, with the cherry cam zooming out and spinning around over the studio audience with only Theo looking up at the camera with him right in the centre: justins-house-studio-audience

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