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Published on August 18th, 2012 | by matt

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower

My brother lives in San Francisco with his wife Jamie, so they made use of Argos Direct to buy Theo a present for his 4th birthday. Argos messed up slightly, sending only a 10 pack of hot wheels cars and forgetting to dispatch the main event… the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower!

It’s probably worth noting that you will never get through to Argos customer service, it seems they just don’t have staff manning the phones. I gave up after 25 minutes on hold (I used to avoid the premium rate number), but later found that ranting on twitter got a really speedy response. I just tweeted them my order number and they rearrange delivery for me… all through twitter :)

So, the Hot Wheel Wall Track Power Tower finally arrived this morning and Theo absolutely loves it! When we first opened the box it looks a mass of plastic bits and was dreading putting it together, however in the end it all went together beatifully. The whole process only took something like 20 minutes, and luckily I already have loads of D size rechargeable batteries so no issues their (batteries no included).

I had found one review online where a mum was complaing about the 3M command strips not holding to the wall properly, but I’ve found that not to be the case at all. The thing is stuck on like concrete, but will supposedly come off really easily when required without damaging the wall. I have used 3M command strips before, and to be fair they barely leave a mark.

Theo has been playing with it for a couple of hours now and is still absolutely entranced by it! It’s a hit for sure. To me it’s a bargain at only £30, I’ve seen really poor quality kids toys for a similar price.

As Becki put it, it’s absolute chaos! Cars flying everywhere, a huge robot chomping the cars and occasionally spitting them out onto the floor, and a giant saw blade occasionally sawing through the cars when they’re in mid air. It’s the kinds of toy I’d have loved as a kid.

My memories of hot wheels are of them getting jammed and not going around the track properly, but this actually works really well. Only very occasionally do they end up upside down and cause a jam. Theo has 10 cars all whizzing around together without too many problems! It’s mayhem.

The box says 5+, but I don’t see why. I guess he could get over excited and rip the thing off the wall, but no issues like that so far. It does come with a full set of replacement command strips, otherwise they’re just the standard strips so you can easily buy spares anyway.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video. This is my first attempt at a review, let me know what you think!

P.S. If you want to pick up this toy for yourself I’ve linked up this image to it’s amazon product page:

Click to view me on Amazon


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