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Published on February 2nd, 2013 | by matt


Google Fibre – The Future of Broadband?

The process of connecting homes in Kansas City USA to the super-fast Google Fibre broadband service is well under way, offering residents speeds of up to 1Gbps!

Those lucky enough to live in the “fibrehood” area of Hanover Heights are among the first to be able to make use of the service, and many are reporting blistering speeds of about 700Mbps.

Here in the UK I was happy with my 120Mb broadband, but this takes speeds to another level, and it seems my service prodiver are charging more money for this slower connection. Google says it hopes the ir Fibre package will persuade people to spend longer on the web, and I guess spend longer clicking ads so they make additional income.

However, Google will have to convince consumers that they would benefit from the high speeds provided. Personally I struggle to use my 120Mb connection, either because half the time it’s being throttled due to high usage in the local area, or simply because the average website server is unable to send through data at these speeds.

Google is able to move into the broadband installation sector because it has been buying up dark fibre from telecoms firms in the US so that it can link up its data centres which are placed all over the USA. Such Dark Fibre networks are also in place in the UK, such as those offered by Next Connex.

Interestingly, Google have also been investing in fibre laid by companies which have since gone bust before completing rollouts. This allows them build a very stable network at a massively reduced cost. However, what differs from a traditional dark fibre network is that Google are also offering Fibre to the Home (FTTH). They have managed this by delivering Fibre via overhead cables on the same poles that carry power lines.

Amazingly, the gigabit service is being offered at only £44/month! With no installation charge this is a spectacular deal, and the package also comes with 1TB of storage on Google Drive. However, if you don’t think a 1GB connection is worthwhile you could opt to pay a £189 installation fee in return for free broadband at speeds of 5Mbps. This will likely beat typical 8-20Mb connections here in the UK, whose speeds rarely meet those advertised as their networks are bursting at the seams.

One question remains, when are Google bringing this party of the UK?

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