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Published on October 26th, 2012 | by matt


Get As Close As You Can

I’m lucky that I’ve always found shaving pretty easy, having never cut myself. For the past couple of years I’ve used nothing but a bear trimmer to keep a nice short stubble look, but this post looks at how to get a nice clean shave. Just one of many life skills that must be passed from father to son.

For men, shaving is one of the most important parts of daily grooming. Getting a good close shave takes practice and a little extra time, but it is worth it. Looking your best is always important, but this is especially true if you want to make a good first impression at a job interview or when taking someone special on a date. Mastering a close shave is a skill that can benefit you your entire life. The following techniques should be learned by every man.

Shave right after showering in the morning. Allow plenty of time for shaving so that you do not rush. Your skin and hair will be suppler, and your pores more open due to the warmth and moisture of a shower. If you need to shave later in the day and do not have time for another shower, then wet a towel in warm water and place it over your face for a few minutes before shaving.

Use a pre-shave oil. This product prepares your skin for shaving, helping to prevent damage. It also makes bristly stubble easier to cut. If your skin is prone to blemishes, use oil that states on the label it will not clog pores.

Apply your shaving cream with a shaving brush. A brush pulls the hair up away from the skin, making it easier to cut. You may not have to make as many passes with the blade for a smooth shave. The brush also removes dead skin cells, which could clog pores.

Use a sharp blade each time. Whether you use a straight razor or safety razor, razor blades must be sharp so they cut the hair without pulling on the delicate skin of your face. Dull blades scrape less effectively over the skin, leaving patches of stubble and abraded or nicked skin.

Shave in both directions and clean the razor under running water after each pass. A man’s beard can grow in several different directions, so it will take practice to find out which blade angle and direction works most effectively for you personally. To prevent irritation and ingrown hairs, shave ‘with the grain.’ If you are using a sharp blade, it should take care of most of the hair. Check your skin after for areas where stubble remains. Lather up again and shave those areas in the opposite direction.

Pat your face lightly with a towel – don’t rub it – and then use moisturizer to help it heal and keep it supple throughout the day.

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